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Many women would prefer having the opportunity to see a female doctor for their medical concern or their annual pap or breast exam. With many Londoners without a family doctor thousands of London women do not have adequate access to primary healthcare. This is why Medpoint opened the women's health services division of Medpoint.

Staffed by three kind and experienced female family physicians (Dr. Michele Galambos, Dr. Betty Lee and Medpoint Director of Medicine Dr. Sylvia Murchison) the women's health program is designed with the specific needs of a women in mind.

One new addition is our visiting Gynaecologist Dr. McNaught. Gynaecological specialist referrals are usually handled within a few weeks.

Our women’s health services centre is located on the 2nd floor of Citi Plaza (Formerly Galleria) and offers a variety of medical, fitness and nutritional services.

Please see below which service suits your needs the best.

PAP Clinic

PAP Clinic

Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable of all the cancers. Early detection through an annual PAP test is one of the best methods to protect today's women from this disease. Everyday Medpoint holds a pap clinic. It's efficient, it's the latest in technology and it's performed by a female physician. Finally, it's totally covered by OHIP when you present your health card. While this is primarily a PAP Test and not a full medical, birth control and STD testing can be done in the same appointment. Book today

Gynaecological or Breast ConcernsGynaecological or Breast Concerns

If you have an acute gynaecological or breast concern that you would prefer to see a female doctor about, then book with our clinic. Our physicians will also do screening breast exams. If deemed medically indicated a referral to our in house gynaecologist will be made in a timely manner. Usually about two weeks time. Appointments can be made in advance and we try our best to run on time. Our doctors have years of experience dealing with these types of issues. Again, it's totally covered by OHIP when you present your health card. Book today

Medical Physicals

We offer a variety of medicals that are specifically designed for women. All of these medicals will be done with an experienced female doctor.

Basic Medical:

This medical is fully covered under OHIP and is broken down over a number of visits. This way our patients can have the aspects of the medical that means the most to them and it also allows our doctors to stay on schedule. The PAP smear is booked first, then the breast exam and finally the remaining elements of the physical. This medical is only available to patients without a family doctor. Patients with a family doctor are still welcome to book with the PAP or Breast Clinics.

Advanced Medical - $175:

This medical is available to everyone whether or not they have a family doctor. This is a full medical with a female doctor, including PAP test, Breast exam and bloodwork. This also includes:
  • Aura Scan for skin cancer detection
  • Gait Analysis that measures the way you walk and balance. Client receives a personal DVD copy of pictures as well as printed Gait report. (If medically indicated Medpoint can dispense orthotics)
  • Book today

Finally, the medical exam that you have been looking for:


CAHA is an executive physical that provides you with a complete analysis of your current health status, empowering you to take control of your future health needs. In just under 3 hours, your Medpoint team will lead you through a multistage process of sophisticated screening and diagnostic testing, all tailored to your personalized risk profile. Every aspect of your assessment is efficiently scheduled to ensure minimal disruption to your busy schedule. At Medpoint, you will discover a level of service not typically encountered in health care today. Book today

Fitness BikeFitness

At Medpoint we have a number of fitness programs that can be tailored to your needs. From as simple as teaching you some workout techniques to as complex as a one week escape to our 4 million dollar Wellness retreat in Jamaica we have something for every budget. Book today. For more information click here or the Medpoint Fitness logo.

Medpoint fitness 

Weight ManagementWeight Management

Good health starts with good nutrition. At Medpoint we have a number of weight management programs that are tailored to the needs of the individual female client. Book today. For more information click here or the Medpoint Fitness logo.

Medpoint fitness